The Fashion Museum in Bath houses an extensive collection of royal fashion. The display combines costumes worn by actors portraying royals on stage and screen, as well as reconstructions of what kings and queens of England wore.

The next display was of clothing either inspired by or designed for Olympians. The display showcased the work of ???? And how he was inspired to create designed for the 2012 Olympics.

There was a dress up area following this display, where visitors had the opportunity to try on various items of clothing from the past, and to see how the fashion of the day was achieved through tight corsets, hoops and petticoats.

The display of ‘dresses of the year’ provide a glimpse into how fashion has changed over the last fifty or so years. Some of the designed were easily recognizable, but others stirred the imagination. The 2011 dress of the year display had a commentary by the designer and the judges, which helped viewers to understand why this design was chosen, but previous ‘winners’ didn’t have this. It at have help to have been able to read about these as well. Possibly, the audio guide may have provided additional information, but i didn’t use it after the sports display as you couldn’t hold the device and take photos at the same time. We also wanted to fast track through parts of the display, so elected not to use the audio guides.

The materials covered I the displays was well selected. It would’ve difficult to select items for a display to highlight fashion through the ages. I think that the operators of the museum have done a good job in presenting a snapshot that helps views gain a greater understanding of how fashion has developed. The final display on current and future trends provided viewers with a chance to see what was ‘hot’ for Summer 2012.

The gift shop contains an extensive collection of fashion related books and merchandise. Of particular interest were the range of titles available on fashion illustration and on the fashion design process.