A visit to Legoland brings out the child in everyone. There are displays rides of all kinds, plenty of food and drink and of course, Lego.
The Lego on display ranges from the Star Wars collection, where Lego from all six star wars movies, as well as models of some of the key characters, to giant animals made entirely of lego (and some with extra support added) and of course, plenty of Lego people.

One of the best Lego displays was ‘Mini Land’, where key elements of a number of different countries were built and people could wander through the display, looking at what was there from each country. The use of electronics and mechanization helped to bring a greater level of realism to the display.

By its very nature, the park is aimed at young kids, but there is plenty there that would engage older children and even adults. There are plenty of places for kids to channel their own creativity and build with Lego, particularly during the long queues experienced at some of the rides, and these areas were well used, with most kids behaving appropriately and sharing the resources available.