The Roman Baths provided the visitor the chance to step back in time, to glimpse a world of ‘citizens’, ‘slaves’ and gods. The center is a lesson in Roman History, providing examples and information on all aspects of life in Roman times.

The Roman Baths









Whilst the hot spa and the plunge pool remain the largest aspects of the center, the various archeological displays really enhance the visit, and the blending of images, videos and physical objects helps to immerse the visitor into the Roman world.

View of the Roman Baths (at Bath)


The use of both physical and virtual models of the ‘temple’, as well as visual media superimposed over artifacts helps the visitor understand how the place looked and how it would have been used.

Part of the model of the Roman Baths, showing the interior space through the cut-away roof











This center provides great scope for a fully interactive, virtual experience, where people who could not visiting person could move through the center virtually and gain a greater understanding of what it was like in Roman times.


One of the mural in the Roman Baths